Risen from the grave

You wouldn’t believe that we actually killed this plant about 3 or 4 years ago.

We literally cut all the way through the trunk cutting it completely off at the bottom.  We pulled it all down so there was a bare fence.  But the little bugger wouldn’t stay down.  A few little shoots came out of the stump and now look at it!!!  Back to the size it was.  No wonder they call it the “mile a minute” clematis.  I must say, it has an amazing amount of flowers on it this year.

Talking of stuff growing, my red pepper seeds are now this big……

About a 50% germination success rate.  Hopefully they will all produce peppers.


5 thoughts on “Risen from the grave

  1. We had that problem with a shrubs in our backyard. Hubby had to, literally, cut the root out completely with a reciprocating saw. The shrub never came back.

    It’s a shame, though, because those flowers are really pretty.

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