Book review: Quantum Breach

Quantum Breach Quantum Breach by Mark Powell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I won a free copy of this book on Goodreads’ Firstreads section where an author gives away so many copies of their book to be read, reviewed and critiqued.

This novel is situated around dodgy dealings in a corporate bank with branches all round the world. The main character Mark McCabe is a trader in the Singapore office of the bank but used to be in the Special Forces, during which time his girlfriend was kidnapped and killed. Someone at the bank is involved in setting up trades to launder money and an old friend of Mark’s from MI5 asks him to help from the inside.

And so we end up in an adventure involving kidnap, murder, terrorists, gunfights, rescue attempts, moles etc.

It wasn’t bad. Not really my kind of thing and I felt a bit confused with the detail about the trading side of it. The actual story was good, and it did make you think about some of the characters and whose side they were on. It was obviously written by a male author and although he tried to make the main female character strong and independent, she still ended up a bit cliched and a male fantasy figure!

A couple of niggles. There was a lot of use of the word “whom”, sometimes in places where I thought it should have been “who” but I’m not an expert in grammar, it just read wrong to me. The other thing was point of view. It was written in what I think is called the “omnipresent point of view” where you know what all the characters are thinking rather than in first or third person where you only get one viewpoint. This got a bit confusing as the point of view would jump from person to person a lot, sometimes in the same paragraph and I had to go back and clarify who it was a few times.

It was a fairly quick read once i got into it and the ending has left scope for a sequel which I believe is in the pipeline.

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