In a lather

In this post I alluded to a book that could get me into trouble.  Well, it arrived about a week ago, but I have been getting a few things together before I could do anything with it.  This is the book……

The Handmade Soap Book…..and today I made my first soap!!  I can’t show you because it is in the mould at the moment, but I’ll get a photo tomorrow when it has hardened and I can turn it out.  Unfortunately I can’t use it for another 4 weeks because the chemical reaction will still be going on and the soap will still be caustic!!  Luckily that neutralises over the four weeks so it will be fine after that.  It is just a very basic soap, fragranced with ylang ylang.  It was surprisingly easy to make, but I think I whizzed it a bit too long with the mixer and it went a bit too thick before I put it in the mould, so I’m calling it a “rustic” soap!!  I’m going to have another go tomorrow and make this one with tea tree and lavender.

Like I said….this could be trouble.  I may end up with more soap than I can shake a stick at.  Is there such a thing as a soap stash?


3 thoughts on “In a lather

  1. I have always wanted to try making my own soap I look at the stuff Joann’s has every time I go in there but then I think I really don’t need another addicting hobby lol. I can’t wait to see your soap.

  2. Do you know I bought this book about six weeks ago but it all sounded so bizarre I couldn’t believe it would work. I’d not given it a thought since so maybe I should.

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