Book review: The Dog

The Dog The Dog by Kerstin Ekman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
What a lovely little book.

Unbeknown to its mother, a puppy follows her out into the snow of a Norway winter and becomes separated and lost. He then has to fend for himself and try to stay alive through the freezing winter. In doing so he becomes completely wild, living off hat he can find and hunt in the forest. He doesn’t stray too far from a disused log cabin, and eventually the following autumn, hunters arrive and he gets into a fight with one of their dogs.

One of the men doesn’t forget the dog though and decides to try to tame him.

There was no dialogue in this book and only the one chapter broken up every few pages. It was a quick read and very well written, translated from the original Swedish. It was very evocative and you were willing the little dog to survive, and eventually to trust the man who wanted to help him. It wasn’t totally clear but I think he was actually the original owner of the puppy, and the dog had some kind of recollection of him but couldn’t really remember.

A sweet little book which I would recommend to dog lovers everywhere.

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