Lavender & tea tree

Yesterday I made a second attempt at some soap. This time I stopped mixing it before it went too thick so I was able to pour it into the mould rather than spooning it in! I used a squarer mould too so it was a more uniform shape. I added colour to make it look more lavender-ish. This is the result……..

The smaller bars are between 25-35g each and the larger between 50-65g each.  I must work out a way to cut them more evenly.  The lavender comes through stronger than the tea tree so if I do this one again I’ll probably need to change the proportions of the essential oils.

I think I shall curb my enthusiasm for this now until after these have matured in 4 weeks time.  I don’t want to make more and then it turns out I’ve done something wrong and none of it is any good.  The offcuts do lather up though so I think it will be alright.


3 thoughts on “Lavender & tea tree

  1. I was turned on to handmade soap a few months ago and I don’t think I will even use commerical soap for showering again.

    It will be interesting to see how what both of your experiments turns out. The Lavender soap is so pretty.

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