Planning ahead

I am going to use that dreaded word just as the weather starts to warm up.  I’ve started my Christmas knitting!  Well there is actually only one thing on that list.  As it has been a lovely morning and I had nothing else really to do, I had a lazy couple of hours sitting on the patio and I finished the back of the item in question.

But I’m going to take a break from that item, and do some proper lace knitting.  I saw the Cold Mountain pattern on Ravelry and decided to give it a go.  I am not a fan of triangular shawls, the fact that the rows get longer and longer and longer really does me in, but this one is rectangular so it should have 99 stitches on every row.  I have done some lace before but using thicker yarns – the February baby Sweater being the most recent (which reminds me I must go and visit and deliver it before the child starts school!!)

So when I was ordering some Cascade 220, Pavi Yarns were having a 10% Bank Holiday discount so I added this to the basket…..

It is Lane Borgosesia Cashwool (also known as Baruffa) and the colour is named 987 Purple but I would call it lilac really.  Click the link above and scroll down to see it, I can’t seem to reproduce it here in its proper colour.  It is listed a laceweight but it is finer than that at 1400yds per 100g.  It took me 30 minutes to wind the skein into a ball and that was with a swift and ball winder!

Well, wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Planning ahead

  1. That’s a great shawl pattern. I am so loving the color of your pretty yarn! It reminds me of tanzanite…the really pretty combo of violet and blue.

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