This may seem like a simple thing to some of you, but I have recently discovered the joys of the Cheshire Libraries Online Catalogue.  I noticed on Goodreads that a friend of mine had read Stephen Gately’s novel and I asked her about it.  She’d liked it but advised me to get it from the library rather than buying it.  I have been a member of the library for years and years but rarely borrow, and my local library is one of the smaller branches with a limited stock.  So I looked at the above website and found out about reserving books online.  I have reserved Stephen’s book and also two others on soapmaking.  It only costs £1 per book – much cheaper than buying the book, and especially with something like the soapmaking books you can have a look at it and decide to buy later if you want to.  You can specify that you want to collect it at your local branch.

I’ve only done this in the last couple of days so haven’t got any of the books yet, but hopefully i should get an email from them soon.

It’ll be especially useful in my a-z author challenge because i can borrow books I wouldn’t necessarily buy to fill in the gaps of authors I don;t have for a certain letter.

Don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner.


3 thoughts on “Library

  1. Such a good idea. I wish I used my library more. I’d be hopping mad if they closed it down but I haven’t had a valid library card for at least five years…

    I’ll put it on my to-do list.

  2. Libraries rock. Unfortunately many public libraries are at risk of being closed because they’re seen as an easy cut. Also, librarians are being made redundant and replaced with volunteers in some public libraries. Glad you’ve found yours to be useful. PS I am a librarian!

  3. Glad you think it might be useful! I go a bit mad on it, though on this side of the border it’s completely free (I have 13 on order at the moment!). I’ll have to make the most of it before we move to Cheshire!

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