Totally immersed

Over the last week or so I have become totally immersed in the world of soap! I discovered a UK website and forum and have been on it loads. I’ve learned quite a lot and have now made 2 batches of soap, 2 batches of solid shampoo and this morning I made a shea butter body bar. The body bar is made differently to he soap and shampoo, and can be used as soon as it is set so in an hour or so I can give it a try.

This is my first shampoo bar attempt

It has got what is called “partial gel”, where the inside has gelled and the outside hasn’t. Its all to do with heat as far as I can understand from the message boards. Ideally you want it to do one or the other but it doesn’t affect the bar either way.  Again I have to wait four weeks to use it.  To get the circles I used a Pringles tub as the mould!  This one is peppermint flavour and is really scenting the dining room where it is stored.  The second one I made is still in the mould and is made with camomile tea, and lemon & cucumber fragrance.

Well the online library book reservations service works!  I logged into my account yesterday and two of the books were ready (although I hadn’t had an email but that came this morning).  So I popped up to get them earlier and the third book had just arrived so I was chuffed.

On Friday morning I went over to see my friend Bex who has just had her second baby.  She is the recipient of the February Baby Sweater and although it was inevitably too big, that’s better than it being too small.  I took one of my cotton washcloths for her as well.  Little Sophie was very cute, and didn’t cry at all.  I was holding her for so long that my bicep seized up!!  It was good to catch up, as we haven’t seen each other for nearly two years.  I can’t believe it will be five years in November since I left that job!

The lace knitting of the Cold Mountain didn’t go too well.  I couldn’t get the needles right and ripped after 5 rows!  I am still using the yarn though and am doing a simpler pattern The One Row Lace Scarf.  I’ve cast on a lot more stitches and am using 3.5mm needles.  Actually I am making two versions of this, the other one is a sock weight using up the second ball of the Drops Delight yarn on 5.5mm needles.


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