I’m getting a bit over-run now!

More soaps!!

On Friday I watched some YouTube videos on how to make a wooden soap mould.  Didn’t look too difficult!  On Saturday we went to B&Q and I got some pine planks, and then to ScrewFix for some ummm, screw things.  In the afternoon/evening Colin sawed the planks for me and I stuck the sides together with “No More Nails” but then we also put in some nails.  Unfortunately using a manual saw wasn’t the best idea and the planks were slightly different lengths meaning the ends wouldn’t fit on flush.

Hanging our heads in shame we went to our friend Paul up the road and showed him our efforts.  After smothering his giggles he said he’d sort it out –  he’s an engineer and very “handy”.  And he has a load of tools.  A couple of hours later he arrived after having straigtened the ends, put dowels in the ends (because I wanted removable ends on the box so I could slide the soap log out) and finished it off with strong elastic bands round it.

Yesterday I tried it out…………

And this is what I made in it……..

Look at those lovely square edges!!  I’m going to call it Paul’s Manly Soap, cos it has a cedarwood fragrance and also I put oatbran in it to make it scrubby.

I also bought a fancy mould in Lakeland and made this………..

Oooo, fancy!!


6 thoughts on “I’m getting a bit over-run now!

  1. Well, partially (it’s very pretty), but it was mainly the tropical one from the last post, as I’m totally mad for coconut! Perhaps it reminds me of sunny holidays, or the Body Shop coconut perfume of my teens.
    Or maybe it’s just because the soapmaking looks like so much fun! A lot better than baking!! And they look so individual!
    You should sell them, I think you’d do well – give Lush a run for their money! Put me down for a tropical bar.

  2. I swear every time I see your soap it makes me want to run to the craft store & get supplies I love the design from the fancy mold.

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