One wedding and a “croap”

(Warning: there may be quite a few photos)

At the weekend we went over to Ireland for a family wedding, Colin’s nephew was getting married, the first of that generation to tie the knot!  We went on Thursday and stayed at Colin’s dad’s house for the night.  On Friday morning we took his dad and his sister with us and drove about 2 hours for the wedding which was just outside Dublin.  Luckily we got there early enough to have a quick sandwich at midday because the wedding was at 1pm and who knew when the meal would be!

So a few wedding pics

Rory & Lynn - the happy couple

Me & Colin at the reception

Mr C Snr. and Mr C Jnr.!!

Would you believe that this man is 91??? (Mr C Snr I mean, not Colin, hahaha).

The groom's immediate family

The two girls on the far left are Rory’s sisters Rachel and Shauna, who were flower girls at our wedding when they were 5 and 2 years old!!

The bridal party went off for more photos while we headed off another hour and a half-ish away to the reception in Co. Kildare at the Clanard Court Hotel.  We all stayed overnight as it was a very late night, and drove back on Saturday, stopping off for another lunch on the way!!  Then we flew home on Sunday evening.


This morning I may possibly have had a soap disaster, what is called a “croap” which I think stands for “crap soap” hahaha!!  I was making a honeysuckle scented soap by request and it all went okay until I added the fragrance.  The mixture went all thick!  I split off half of it because I wanted a two colour soap and added yellow to one half and red to the other.  By the time I’d attempted to mix the colours in both had gone really thick and all I could do was dollop in the mixture and hope for the best.  Hear is a pic of my croap in the mould.

Did I "croap"?

I have no idea what happened to the yellow, I’m hoping it is underneath somewhere!!  Fingers crossed for the cutting tomorrow.


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