Book review: The Wings of Leo Spencer

The Wings of Leo SpencerThe Wings of Leo Spencer by Jerome Parisse
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Firstly, thanks to Jerome for picking me as a winner of this book on Goodreads’ Firstreads!

I’ve given this book 2 stars, it was okay. The story was about a boy who dies and goes to heaven where he finds out the rest of his family are going to die soon. He has to figure out a way to help them but he cannot be seen or heard by them and cannot touch or move anything.

He arrives in heaven as a spirit on level 1 but as he has done good in several past lives he is elevated to status of angel very quickly. He makes a friend in Geraldine and becomes guardian angel to his best friend Peter on Earth, through whom he can then keep an eye on his own family.

Several times he is tempted by the devil to go with him but he resists. The story culminates in a fight with the devil involving Peter, Geraldine and himself.

I’m not sure what age group this book is aimed at. Leo and Peter are 14, but seem much younger to me, especially at the end when they are throwing insults at the devil and calling him a squirmy worm or a dribbly spider. Come on, those are things an under 5 would say. A 14 year old could certainly let rip with some choice expletives. They both seem very naive and innocent for their age.

I also wasn’t sure why Leo immediately took against Francesca so strongly. She was a bit of a know it all who didn’t really know anything, but he really disliked her for no apparent reason.

The book was a bit different, so I liked that. There was a bit of drama and suspense. Overall ok but I think maybe making the main characters’ ages younger would suit them better.

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