…….of Fleetwood Mac.

We went to see this tribute band on Thursday evening. They are the best Fleetwood Mac tribute band around and do huge gigs but this one was at Alexander’s in Chester, a small bar with an outside courtyard where the band played.

They started off with a few songs from the Stevie Nicks era, and then went into some of the old stuff.  I wasn’t really aware of the old stuff having grown up with my step-dad playing Rumours, Tusk and Tango in the Night.  The earlier stuff was “before my time”.  It was very well played though, a really tight band.  Towards the end they went into the really well known songs.  I didn’t have a great view from where I was but in a way it was better because just listening to them it was like listening to Fleetwood Mac themselves.  The singers voice was exactly like Stevie Nicks!  I’m sure they are excellent in the big arenas.


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