Still 3 days to go ……..

……….but it feels like my birthday already!!  I had to pop out this morning and rescue Colin from the Mazda garage after he was told his car was broken, and when I got back there was a little soap package waiting for me.  One of my swap soapers was quick off the mark!

I received two pieces of soap from Emma at Spiral Soaps (site still under construction!).  The first one was called Sweet Contemplation and was scented with patchouli and amber resin.  Quite a heady mix.

(Sorry about the suds – couldn’t wait to try it and didn’t think about taking pics first! Same for the second one.)

I like the lighter layer on the top, (the bar is on its side in the photo).  It is a nice brown colour which I believe comes from alkanet.  It lathers well with large bubbles at first and then becomes lovely and creamy, and leaves a musky smell on your skin.

The second one is called Gingergrass, a mixture of lemongrass and ginger.

Again a slightly lighter layer on the top and a bubbly-leading-into-creamy lather.  I may use this fragrance combination myself.  It is very reminiscent of something I just can’t put my finger on, I’ve definitely smelled it before somewhere, it may have been a hotel soap or a herbal tea but I just can’t remember.  It’s lovely though.

Both are quite hard bars – I don’t know how long they have cured.  But the good thing is, mine are quite similar, so I know that I’m actually producing the same kind of thing as other people now, I’m not doing anything wrong as far as I can tell so far so that is a good boost to the confidence.

I’ve still got two more packages and a birthday and a visit from my parents to come this week.  Happy days!!

I am knitting too!  Hopefully I’ll have a new FO to show next week.


One thought on “Still 3 days to go ……..

  1. My birthday is in 10 days (15th)… I love birthdays.

    Those are some nice soapy gifts. I absolutely love handmade soaps and they are the only thing I use for baths/showers.

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