Another year gone!

Well its been a busy-ish weekend.  My parents came to visit.  I think its the first time I’ve seen them on my birthday since my 30th which was just a few years ago (ahem!).  They came up yesterday and we had a mooch around some kitchen showrooms (we are hoping to get a kitchen extension in the next couple of months), pottered about in the afternoon and then had a yummy dinner cooked by Colin.  Today I got up to cards and prezzies, and we then went for a walk with the dog to Eastham Country Park followed by a pub lunch at The Helsby Arms.

Here is the motley crew of my nearest and dearest!!

I had some money which I’ll probably use for a pair of jeans, two books – Her Fearful Symmetry and The Swan Thieves, and this……..

The Magic Box

It’s a mini photo booth/light box for taking photos of small objects – in other words my soap!!  There are two lights and four different colour backgrounds.  So you will all be expecting brilliant photos from now on!!  Well here’s a first attempt……

Olive oil soap

Geranium soap

No manky towels in the background on these!

So my parents are now on their way back to Southampton – I’ve just had a text though to say they are stuck on the M6 because of an accident – and we are going to have a light tea, a bit of telly and maybe some chocolate or Pringles as a final birthday treat!!


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