Oh blimey, my poor neglected blog!!  I have been wrapped up in getting a logo done for my branding and new soap website and writing on the blog over there, that I didn’t realise how much time went past.  It’s September tomorrow!!  How did that happen?

Well I think I finally got the logo sorted today.  I have been using someone I found on a site called People Per Hour.  Basically, you sign up, post about what you need and set a budget, then freelancers bid for the job.  You can view their portfolios and choose the one who best suits your needs.  So I posted that I wanted a brand logo for a natural soap brand and a lovely person called Lucy (and 25 other people) put in their offers.  I knew Lucy was the one as soon as I saw her previous work, and over a few days last week she sent me some ideas and between us we tweaked the design and have now come up with what I think is a fab logo.  I can’t show it yet because it hasn’t been completely finalised, but I will soon…..

And who knew that writing all the “copy” for  a website could take so long?  I’m using a ready made template site but you still have to do loads of stuff.  I’m only just getting started so it’ll be a while before it’s up and running properly.  Once it is, I’ll do all the soap blogging on the blog over there, and this one can get back to knitting content and other bits and pieces.  Of course I will give you the link to the new site as well!

Talking of knitting, I haven’t been doing a lot of it, but I have been cracking on with a Central Park Hoodie for my mum.  The back and two fronts are done and I’m partway up the first sleeve.  Its a gorgeous red colour, I want to keep it myself now!

I am most disappointed in my efforts at growing peppers and chillies this summer.  I started from seed and managed to grow 10 pepper plants and 8 chilli plants.  And what is the amazing haul?  Two (yes 2!!) possibly 3 peppers, and no (zero!) chillies.  Where did I go wrong?  I watered every day, am feeding once a week.  I think possibly keeping them in pots was my downfall, maybe they needed to spread out more in a growbag?  Ah well, the couple of peppers are still growing so I’ll nurture those and thoroughly enjoy them when I get to eat them.


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