A new product….??

I realise I haven’t posted a photo of the new batch of Bergaberry soap I made a week ago.  Well here it is…
It has no added colour but has come out more yellow than the previous batch.  It is starting to fade over time though.  I think it is because the avocado oil was darker than last time.
As I have been learning about natural soaps, I have also started to think about other natural products, and after reading a book called Skin Deep by Pat Thomas I was ready to throw out all the shop bought products in my bathroom!  Scary stuff!  Anyway, a while ago some of the people on a forum I am a member of decided to have a “lotion-along” where you could join in and have a go at making a lotion/cream.  I bought a few ingredients at the time but didn’t get round to making anything until this morning, when I produced this……
It’s a very basic recipe and I realised as I was weighing out ingredients that I didn’t have any preservative so it’ll have to be kept in the fridge and used up pretty quick.  Luckily I only made about 100ml.  I’m quite pleased with it, it feels smooth and creamy to put on and sinks in after about 90 seconds.
Hmmmm, maybe a new range………??

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