(You make me feel like a) natural woman

I must apologise again to any knitty types for the terrible lack of knitting content in my knitting blog!!  I am still working (slowly) on the Central Park Hoodie, and I really should get on with that because I really want to make one of these monsters that everyone seems to be making at the moment.  But which one to chose?  I have loads of sock yarn leftovers I could use, and was thinking of using a different one for each bit.  My next door neighbours are expecting a baby at Christmas so it would be a rather unique gift I think.

The title of this post refers to how things have changed for me recently with regard to the “products” I use.  This evening I went for a bath in which I washed using my own handmade soap.  I cleaned my face with natural oils and moisturised with my own handmade moisturiser. I put my handmade lip balm on my lips and tomorrow morning I will get up and wash my hair with my handmade shampoo bar!  Apart from my skin feeling better, I also feel better in myself knowing that I am not putting who knows what on my skin.  I know exactly what is in the things I am using and no chemicals!!

I now have my Safety Certificate for my handmade soaps so I can now sell them!  My website is coming along and I now have my logo and am working on my packaging.  This is a first attempt, but I quite like it, its not too fussy……

You are welcome to visit the website but there isn’t a lot there yet.  If you want to sign up for the newsletter I’d be delighted to send you news when things are up and running. (If you are using Firefox as your browser the form is too big for the screen which I’m trying to resolve – all other browsers look fine!)


2 thoughts on “(You make me feel like a) natural woman

  1. Congratulations on your certificate!

    I’v knit a lot of those monsters and if you’re planning to use sock yarn I think I’d recommend knitting Quincy. The other monsters are kind of designed for worsted yarn. I used dk and they’re not huge but I think sock yarn would make them pretty tiny. Still, tiny monsters are very cute!

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