The Soap Folk

I have been a bit busy for the last week or so getting things sorted out for my first foray into the world of soap selling!  I took a stall at a small farmer’s market held in a local school once a month, so off we went at 8.15 this morning to set up the stall ready for the doors to open at 9am.

The first hour and a half were pretty slow and there weren’t that many people through the door, but after that it picked up and I actually did better than I expected.

I have to tell you a funny thing that happened, and I’m sure she won’t mind me mentioning it, but a lady came to the stall and said “Hello, I’m your chief lurker!”  Turns out she has been following my blog and my Ravelry page for quite a while.  We had been in touch once about my knit group but she has never managed to make it to a meeting.  She was lovely and I’m so pleased she said hello!  I feel like a celebrity now I have an official “stalker”, hee hee!  (waves to Emer)

The other exciting news is that I can now officially declare The Soap Folk open!!  The website is up and running, as of this afternoon, so if you are looking for some early Christmas presents there is a special offer on until the end of the month!  I have built this website myself on one of those template sites, so if you do pop over there, please let me know if you experience any glitches.


6 thoughts on “The Soap Folk

  1. I certainly don’t mind Donna – in fact I feel like a celeb too now that I’ve ben mentioned in a blog ;-). Congratulations on your successful day. Your soaps are beautiful, right down to the understated artistic packaging. (My boy was particularly keen on your cards and helped himself to a few more than you probably realised!) Wishing you continued success & hope to meet again soon.

  2. This is so fantastic! I’ve been stalking you a bit too and following your progress from obsessive knitter to fantastic soap maker. Hurrah for handmade soaps!

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