Frosty Friday

We have been very lucky here in that we haven’t had the amounts of snow other parts of the country have had.  But it has been bitterly cold, and very icy.  I took these pictures with my phone in the park a couple of days ago.  Everything was solid with ice, even the spider webs.  Yesterday when I went the dog came back filthy from all the mud!!

Colin is having to take Susie on a last minute walk around the block at night now because we can’t let her out into the back garden or she might fall down this hole!!

This afternoon I am having a stall at a local school’s Christmas Fayre.  I’m hoping a lot of the teachers will be getting soap as their end of term gift!!  I have a couple of new ones to list on The Soap Folk over the weekend, it’s just difficult getting the light for the photos.  One of them is cinnamon, nutmeg, orange & tangerine and is very Christmassy, a bit like Christmas cake!

Congratulations to Stephcuddles, who was my 400th commenter.  A little something will be coming your way soon.


2 thoughts on “Frosty Friday

  1. Hi Donna, love the picture of the spider’s web. The one thing I really did love about the cold snap was the lack of muddy doggy footprints on the kitchen floor, but it’s all back to normal now (sigh).
    Hope the fair went well today. I really must get my Christmas order in. Have you any more fairs coming up before Christmas?

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