Fireside WIP & new year roundup

So now the Christmas gift knitting is over with – despite the fact I wasn’t going to do any I managed to make six items in the end – my friend Karen mentioned that January is apparently “selfish knitting month”.  So I have started my Fireside Sweater.  Here is a Wednesday WIP teaser photo.

The yarn is Araucania Toconau which is currently on offer at Stash, my local LYS.  It is red with some very subtle slightly darker bits.  I’m not sure this is going to be finished in time to wear this winter but you never know.

Karen and I have also agreed to do our own “Year of Socks” sock club this year.  As we both have large sock yarn stashes we are going to make a pair of socks a month using stash yarn.  We can use any pattern we like but all 12 have to be different, and the 12th pair have to be designed by ourselves!  I think Karen has been very organised and matched patterns to yarn and put each in an individual bag ready to go but I’m winging it a bit.  I have actually finished my January socks (I started early but have a good reason!) but won’t be showing them yet.

In the background of the picture above you can make out the Fry Chronicles.  Santa brought the CDs as a joint present for me and Colin, and I am just about to start CD 6 of 11.  It is a perfect accompaniment to knitting, and very easy to listen to.

I have recently discovered someone else who is easy on the ears – the chef Nigel Slater.  He hasn’t really been on my radar before, but I saw some of his “Simple Suppers” TV series a while ago and actually have a couple of his books – relegated to the cookbook drawer with all the other usual suspects.  I like him because he’s not trying to do anything fancy with his food, and as long as you have certain “store cupboard” ingredients you should be able to make his recipes without too much fuss.  I also saw the TV adaptation of the first part of his autobiography “Toast” which I really enjoyed, even though it was a bit sad that he felt he had to compete for his father’s affections against his father’s mistress Mrs Potter by being a better cook than her.  However I suppose that made him who he is today.  I’d really like to read the actual book now, so I may read that as the S in my A-Z author challenge.  I’ll also revisit the two other books of his that I have.

Another piece of TV I enjoyed over Christmas was the Morcambe & Wise thing by Victoria Wood.  The two actors were very good, especially the one being Eric.

The extension is coming along nicely, the concrete floors were poured yesterday so now the walls will start going up.  They are hoping to start breaking through at the beginning of February – that’s when the fun starts!!!


2 thoughts on “Fireside WIP & new year roundup

  1. You’ve been busy with the knitting!!
    I love Nigel Slater’s books. The Kitchen Diaries was wonderful, and his style of writing is dreamy (I can’t think of a better word to describe it, sorry). Sadly, I simply enjoyed reading about Nigel doing the cooking, rather than trying any myself!
    PS. I meant to say on the Central Park Hoodie – it looks really gorgeous!!

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