Soapy & building updates

I updated The Soap Folk website today after selling some soaps at the farmer’s market on Saturday.  My most popular soap – Geranium – is now back in stock.  I am not sure how to drive more traffic to the website but one thing is to have links on other sites.  So I also set up a Folksy shop this afternoon.  I only have 2 soaps on there so far, but if you would prefer to buy through a site like Folksy rather than an individual’s own website, then this is ideal.  (It is the same as etsy but is a UK based website.)

The extension on the house is coming along, the walls are now one storey high and the little bit of bathroom extension on the first floor  has been started today.  These photos were taken at the weekend….

The room at the back will be a kitchen diner and the one at the side will be a utility room with a small loo at the front.


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