Friday FO: Frances number 2

Here she is…….my second Frances.  Well I’ve called her Frances number 2 but it will of course be up to the recipient as to the name they give her.  She will be heading off on her journey with a few little extras soon but I won’t say any more as it will give clues if the person pops over here to take a peek!

She is a lot smaller than the first Frances I made as you can see here…..

She is knitted with sock yarn and 2mm needles which was a tiny bit fiddly at times – especially trying to k3tog – but otherwise it is a very well written and easy pattern to follow.

I’d probably like to do a Penelope next but I have had an email from Amazon to say my Big Book of Knitted Monsters should be here around Feb 19th so I think I’ll wait until then to start another.

In the meantime I will be starting my February socks for my Year of Socks 2011.  I am going to make these in some reddish/dark pink variegated yarn from Natural Dye Studio which I have had for a couple of years now.  And I still have the Fireside Sweater on the go, I’ve not added to that since I finished the right front.


4 thoughts on “Friday FO: Frances number 2

  1. Frances 2 is very cute. I love the patterns in the Big Book of Knitted Monsters. That is a book I am going to have to get for sure. I think those socks will look nice in the color yarn you described.

  2. These little monsters are fantastic! It sounds as if you really enjoy making them too, even if you do find it a little hard to part with them!

    • I know, latest date is 18th Feb – but I have also ordered it from Book Depository who say it is processing, so if that arrives I’ll cancel Amazon. In the meantime I’m making a Monster Chunk from the free pattern.

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