What I did today

Apart from hoovering and putting a wash on and walking the dog, I made a Monster Chunk today.  I am still waiting for my Big Book of Knitted Monsters so, rather than buy another one-off pattern, I thought I would use up some stash yarn with this free pattern.  Three hours later, with a rumbling tummy because it was past lunch time, I had produced a Chunk….

Knit with Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton for the body and James C Brett Kool Kotton for the legs, on 3.5mm needles.  I unintentionally missed a decrease row off the feet, but it doesn’t notice too much, and I kitchenered the toes rather than the stated 3 needle bind off.

I seem to have two obsessions at the moment.  One is monsters and the other is Nigel Slater!  I picked Toast up from the library on Saturday and have every intention of starting it today.  Amazon have also informed e that my copy of The Kitchen Diaries, which was out of stock for a few weeks, is now on its way and should arrive in a couple of days.

Talking of libraries – use them!!  I must admit I was not a frequent visitor to the library but now that there is a chance that small libraries may shut with all the cut backs, we need to use them to keep them open.  I am finding the online reservation system really useful.  I reserved Toast and am also waiting on a diabetes book that I reserved over the weekend.  I also picked up a “T” for my A-Z challenge.  The book is “Two Feet, Four Paws” and is about a woman who walks the coastline of Britain with her dog.  I also have my eye on a Lisa Unger for my “U”.

I also used part of my iTunes balance to download the audiobook of Moab is My Washpot by Stephen Fry after enjoying The Fry Chronicles so much.  That’s the next 12 hours of dog walking entertainment sorted.

Home made pizzas for dinner – thanks Nigel!!!


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