Bathroom walls

Eeeek, the builders are knocking through my bathroom wall as I type!!  They have built the new bit a metre out and are now taking the existing wall down.  This is what my bathroom looked like yesterday…..

As of half an hour ago, it’s anybody’s guess!!!!

I’ve been trying to plan my day around places to go that will have a loo!  I need to pop to my GP to pick up a prescription so will use theirs, then I can pop to the local Morrisons later on when I get the scrip filled.  And there is always the pub that I pass on my dog walk.  You have to think of these things!!  I do have a couple of lovely neighbours I can call on too, so I should be ok.

This is what the outside currently looks like…….

and this is the hole they dug in the middle of my lawn for the rainwater pipes to drain into….

However yesterday they filled it in and re-turfed it so it is less noticeable.

Ah well, only another couple of months to go, sigh!


3 thoughts on “Bathroom walls

  1. Oh, believe me. I totally understand what you’re going through.

    Shortly before I got married and still living at home, my younger brother took a week off to remodel the only bathroom in my parent’s home. Guess when he took out the toilet? If you guessed the first day….you would be right! He didn’t replace the toilet until the end of the week. 😦

    I ended up having to go into work early those days and spent a lot of time at my then boyfriend (now husband’s) parent’s house. I think I also ended up with a UTI as well. Ugh!

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