Tuesday Teaser & bathroom update

I think I may have inadvertently given myself Second Sock Syndrome.  I finished the first of my Diamond Lace Socks but instead of casting on straight away for number 2 I got distracted by my Big Book of Monsters.  Dot went down very well with our neighbours and I have heard that they have all been fighting over her!  Then on the DangerCrafyts message board on Ravelry someone posted a picture of an Angus that they had just completed.  He was so cute that I decided to cast on straight away.  So……..here is today’s Tuesday teaser……….

I’m using up sock yarn leftovers so he’ll be another mini monster, hopefully I’ll get most of him finished tonight, if not he’ll be tomorrow’s Wednesday WIP!!

The bathroom ceiling went up on Friday, and the window is coming today.  But at the moment it is like an icebox – I shivered my way through a bath and we literally run in, do what we need to do and run out again as quick as we can and slam the door behind us the rest of the time.  It currently looks like this……


Why didn’t we do this in the warmer weather?????


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser & bathroom update

  1. At least you can actually relax and enjoy the summer when all the work is finished though!! Much better to get it done when the weather is awful, and sit back and enjoy your new space when the sun is shining!
    Love the little monster!

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