Monsters everywhere!!

I finally finished my Angus monster yesterday….

Pattern: Angus the Attic Monster from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters

Yarn: Bear Necessities Pure New Wool 4ply on Folksy

Needles: 2mm

And about half an hour ago the postman rang the doorbell with a package – all the way from California!!!  I was so excited as this was my Secret Monster swap package from the Ravelry DangerCrafts group.  I had an amazing spoiler, the organiser of the swap NoKnitSherlock, and she had stalked me to perfection!!

She’d made me a Penelope (which I had said I would like) in my two fave colours red and purple, with added Mighty Boosh lightning flashes front and back (see below); a Boosh monkey skull dangly which I’ll hang in the car; a handmade Boosh card; monster pen topper; caffeine free fruit teas; a cute pair of teapot socks in small size for my puny feet; some M&Ms and a packet of colourful buttons.  There’s no way that little lot came in at under $5!!

Here’s the detail on Penelope….

I was just thinking to myself before this arrived that I have made 7 monsters so far and have only actually kept two of them.  So now I have 3!  I hope they all get on!

A quick house update – the bathroom is plastered and hopefully the new suite will be in this week and the tiling almost done by the weekend.


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