FO: Diamond Lace Socks

I forgot to post these finished socks.  They were the socks I knit for February for my Year of Socks 2011 … just got them done on Feb 26th…

Pattern: Diamond Lace Socks by Michelle To

Yarn: Natural Dye Studio fine sock yarn, I think this is 100% BFL.

Needles: 2.25mm magic loop

Mods: shortened the heel flap by 2 repeats.

As Karen and I are the only ones taking part in our made up Year of Socks Club 2011, we are basically making up the rules as we go along.  Karen finished off a part-made pair of socks for February so I am going to do the same for March – as long as you get a finished pair of socks at the end of the month, does it really matter?  So I am going to finish my Through the Loops Mystery Socks.  Obviously they are not a mystery anymore, because just about everyone else has finished theirs, but I got a bit stuck around clue 3 and went off them, so this is the perfect opportunity to get them done and out of the way.

I sort of want to start something else too, but I don’t know what.  Is it worth making a cowl now the weather is on the turn?  Shall I just get on with my Fireside cardigan?  Or more monsters?


3 thoughts on “FO: Diamond Lace Socks

  1. I likey your socks.

    I had the same thought yesterday since I’ll be finishing up my Monkey socks soon. Here where I live in the US, the weather is anyone’s game! Fortunately, one of my SnB friends contacted me about another test knit for her so I know what I’ll be knitting next. Yay!

  2. Hi!

    I have been trying to figure out how to do Michelle’s “Diamond Lace” socks on the magic loop for awhile and still can’t figure it out. I wrote to all the fine, helpful knitters on Knitter’s Review Forum and 2 knitters tried to help me, but I’m still confused. I even wrote Michelle and she said she doesn’t know how to do magic loop.

    How did you figure out how to do this pattern on ML? I love this pattern and might have to learn how to knit on DPNs, but I found your blog and thought I’d give it one more shot : )

    Please help me!!

    From Belle, the knitter who has found a new passion for knitting socks!

    P.S. I’m not sure how to contact you so I’ve checked both boxes…

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