De-stash yarns here and on Ravelry

(EDITED TO ADD: These are now all available on ebay here.  The Kauni has gone though.)

Most of the knitters who read this blog are most likely Ravelry members so here is the link to my “trade/sell” page on Ravelry which lists the yarns I have for de-stashing.  Let me know if there is anything you fancy, I can take PayPal or cheques.

If you are not on Rav here is a gallery of the yarns, contact me if anything catches your eye.

Quantities as in the photos EXCEPT :

Debbie Bliss pure cotton = only one ball of 37g,  Rico cotton = 43g,  Freedom sincere = one and a half balls, Rowan Tapestry = only one ball of the grey, and the only ball of the James Brett Kool Cotton is the purple one on the far left.

I also have a large 150g ball of Kauni Effect in a graduating purple, light grey, dark grey.

Leave a comment if you are interested either here or PM me on Ravelry.  I’ll leave these up a couple of days before I put what’s left on ebay.  Thanks for looking!!


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