This post is going to be a long one…….

… I have quite a lot of catching up to do.

So lots of things happened at once during the weekend of 15th to 18th April.  The first thing was that the builders finally finished (apart from a couple of small things) on Thursday 14th April, hooray!!!!  It was suppose to be the Friday before because I wanted to get everything cleaned and sorted for the visitors we had arriving on Friday 15th, but that wasn’t to be.  We did manage to get a lot of tidying done in the evenings and last minute shoving things under beds did occur but we were ready.  So you’ll be wanting to see pictures I suppose?

I’ll do the before and after thing shall I?

Bathroom before

Bathroom after – now twice the size

Dining room before

Dining room after – now almost twice the size and no longer a dining room

Kitchen before

Kitchen after – now about 4 times the size!

The door to the left on the first pic leads into a utility room and downstairs loo

Outside used to look like this – that’s a separate garage on the right hand side

And now looks like this

The patio is a great sun trap most of the day as we have a south-ish facing garden.  So far I have potted some herbs into troughs and some potato tubers into a potato growing bag.

The garden will have to be the next project!!

We are both really pleased with it.  The builders were really nice guys, and we got it done to the deadline we wanted.  It was tough going at times but all worth it in the end.

I think that’s a long enough post for now, I’ll get onto THE BIRTHDAY in the next post!


6 thoughts on “This post is going to be a long one…….

  1. Wow, you have so much more space! All that dust, disruption and inconvenience was worth it in the end!! It looks great.

  2. Beautiful! It must be quite a pleasure to have the new space, and to have it available, eh? Congratulations!

    My favourite feature is the transporter in the corner of the bathroom–that will be very useful.


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