The big birthday

Oh dear, since I have had my lovely new kitchen/dining area I have been sitting in it reading books, or magazines, or doing knitting!  And dreaming of suddenly becoming the world’s best veggie gardener!! (Hahaha!!!).  But I haven’t been blogging.

Mr C’s big (50th) birthday is now 3 weeks past, so I really ought to share some of the photos of the event.  We had family over from Ireland and up from Southampton and along with various friends from near and far, we booked out a room in a local restaurant and went for a slap up meal.

Here are a few photos of the evening………

Birthday boy and his missus!

Arrival of the cake

There's a story behind this cake

Years ago Colin was hiking in Yosemite National Park and a bear came into his camp and stole all his food and basically stalked him all night!  So I had this cake made – see the bear peeping out from behind the tent?

The big surprise!

Colin decided he wanted an electric guitar so between myself and Colin’s brother, we ordered one secretly and suggested to people coming to the meal that they may like to contribute to it rather than trying to think of an appropriate gift themselves.  In the meantime I desperately tried to stop him buying one himself and on one occasion almost failed – he actually handed one to the salesman in the shop and said he’d have it so I had to persuade him not to (luckily I’d managed to let the salesman know what was going on before this happened so he was on board) and pretended to take down the details!!  So when this one turned up on the night he was really surprised because it was much better than the one he was going to get.

So now he keeps disappearing into the “music room” (the old dining room!) where he has an amp and thankfully some headphones so that myself and the neighbours can’t hear it!!  What a great invention!!


2 thoughts on “The big birthday

  1. Looks like you both had a fabulous night!! What a great cake too. I didn’t know Colin could play the guitar either.

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