Going “green”.

Recently I have made efforts to reduce the amount of nasty chemicals I use.  As you know I make my own soap using traditional methods, and I also use oils as a facial cleanser and make my own moisturiser.

Since our renovations finished, I have started to grow a few veggies, not in the ground yet because the garden needs an overhaul first, but in various containers on the patio.

And thanks to a recommendation by my friend Karen, I have been listening to a great podcast called More Hip Than Hippie.  It is an American podcast but is very informative in general, and I am learning LOADS from it.  I will warn you that there are over 280 episodes of at least half an hour each!!  I listen to the latest one (approximately once a fortnight) and have also started right at the beginning (which means listening to episodes from 2005!).  I will probably never catch up, but I try to listen to at least a couple a week if possible (doing the ironong is a really good time to listen!).  Apart from being informative, the presenters really seem to know what they are talking about and they are really quite funny at times.

Anyway, one of the episodes was talking about hemp.  No, not cannabis!  HEMP!  It is NOT the same thing.  The hemp plant is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet and it is so versatile.  I have actually used hemp oil in one of my soaps, but you can use it in cooking, for making paper, and also to make fabric and yarn.  So I checked out some sites and ordered from The Hemp Shop.  I ordered some shampoo, bubble bath (which I haven’t used for about a year since I chucked out all the chemical laden crap in my bathroom, but I really missed it – just sitting in plain water just doesn’t feel right) and a back pack.  The shampoo and bubble bath are all natural and use mostly organic ingredients, and the back pack is a mix of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

Hemp products

I have just used the shampoo, and although it lathers differently to other shampoo, it definitely gets your hair clean and soft.  I’ll let you know later what the bubble bath is like but it smells gorgeous.

I haven’t transferred my stuff from my old Kipling back pack yet, but it is about the same size so should take all my rubbish.  The only downside I can see is that it is fabric so probably not waterproof to any great extent.  I quite fancy one of these now, or maybe these!!  Now they would be handy for walking the dog!!

(Edited to add):  The back pack is like a Tardis, bigger on the inside than out.  I’ve got all my stuff in with room to spare.  I could even get a book in there if I wanted to.  Now off to walk the dog and check out the comfort factor, while listening to lovely Dori and Val (the hip hippies!!).


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