Wednesday WIP: Oh dear

Not a knitting WIP but an ongoing, always growing book pile!  Will I ever get round to reading all these?  This is my “to be read” stack of books (which doesn’t include cooking, gardening or knitting books).  I think I may have to have a self-imposed book buying ban again, although looking at this it obviously didn’t work last time did it?

Have you read any of these and are there any I should just bin?? (click the pic to enlarge it)


4 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP: Oh dear

  1. That’s A LOT of reading! Kathy Reichs’ books are all fantastic, so I wouldn’t weed out any of those. ‘Started Early, Took My Dog’ was really great too. And ‘The Selfish Gen’e, well that was a bit over my head, but you’ve certainly got plenty of variety in there!!!

  2. I strongly recommend the Stieg Larsson books.

    I would love the read the Russell Brand book. I find him extremely funny.

    Good luck

    • I’ve just finished Apartment 16 so the second Larsson is my next book. I have actually read the first Russell Brand so it shouldn’t be on the stack but haven’t read the second one yet.

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