Book review: Apartment 16

Apartment 16Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The back cover made this book sound exciting and something a little different to what I’ve been reading lately. But it didn’t really meet my expectations.

It was a bit yucky at times, and I didn’t like the characters. The female character of Apryl starts off as a girl who likes feminine things and is sad about the death of an aunt she didn’t know and by the end of the book she is suddenly a confident woman who takes a crazy risk of entering a haunted apartment with a man she doesn’t know who looks and smells like death warmed up!!

By the end of the book – which I couldn’t wait to get out of the way before I had even read half of it – we still have no idea how the evil presence got there, where it was for the 50 years it was dormant, or what happened to it afterwards. And we also have no idea what happened to any of the characters either. So it seemed unfinished to me unless there will be a sequel?

Disappointing, but maybe my expectations were too high.

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2 thoughts on “Book review: Apartment 16

  1. OK, I’m probably overthinking this but…

    I’ve watched enough paranormal shows to learn that if a structure is haunted by a spirit, any recent construction will cause the spirit to come out of dormancy and that is when haunting begin to occur.

    Like I said, overthinking it. 😉

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