I know a lot of people rave about the US TV show House, but somehow I missed the boat and had never watched it.  I used to love ER and watched every episode of that right from the beginning.  It was a shame when it ended.

Talking to our next door neighbour about a week ago the subject of House came up and when I said I’d never watched it, he told me they had all the box sets and later on came round with Seasons 1-4 on DVD.  Only 22 discs and 56 hours of telly!!  I wondered whether I should start watching or not, but this morning I watched the first two episodes.  It was very good but a little odd.  Are there really teams of highly qualified doctors sitting around waiting for one other highly qualified doctor to give them something to do?  House has a team of three doctors who only seem to work for him and no-one else.  If he doesn’t have a case they do “research”.  They also seem to do all their own lab tests and diagnostics, is that right?  Do US doctors do that?

Anyway, apart from that it’s a bit like a detective show where they all try to work out what is wrong with the patient over the course of the hour, and I found myself doing the same thing with my limited medical knowledge gleaned from 10 years working in a microbiology lab and 11 years of ER!  But I also ended up thinking I had a tapeworm in my brain and thigh and some other brain thing for which I would need my skull to be drilled into.  Hmmmm, this could seriously affect my obvious hypochondria!!



2 thoughts on “House

  1. Can I just register my concerns here … this type of viewing may be bad for both our health and mental wellbeing … just saying (and I haven’t watched the first two episodes yet … and now I am even wondering if I should!)

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