Phil Rickman signing

Phil Rickman was giving a talk and signing copies of his new book in Oswestry today so Colin drove myself and our friend Mel down to see him.  It was a mid-afternoon event and attracted a strange mix of audience members.  We seemed to be the youngest by far.  When Phil got up to speak he asked how many people had never read any of his books and more than half put their hands up!!  So why were they there?  It became apparent that they were local villagers some of whom knew each other, who were regular customers and came along just because there was an event at the shop and to see what it was all about.  Phil had to try to explain the concept of his Merrily Watkins (female parish priest, diocesan deliverance minister) series of novels – not an easy task!!

He did very well though and was happy to answer questions all the way through.  Sadly he was cut off a little earlier than I had expected, and to cap it all the shop hadn’t ordered enough copies of his new book so he had to sign a bookplate for me instead to stick in the book when the shop send me my copy.  It kind of spoilt it because up until that point we had all agreed it was a lovely individual bookshop which we need more of.

Anyway, both Mel and I were a bit star struck and didn’t ask any questions until we were actually having our things signed and then we forgot to ask the questions we had thought of!!  But he did agree to have a photo taken with us (as long as it didn’t go on the net – yeah like that wasn’t going to happen!!)  So here we are……Me, Mel and our new bezzie mate Phil Rickman!!


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