I’ve just been perusing and looking at all the things I have made and all the yarn I have stashed.  But I haven’t knit anything since the summer!  I started to get shoulder pain around July/August and I still have it.  I have recently seen my GP but he has only suggested pain killing gel.  He has said it is not a frozen shoulder though becuase I do have a good range of movement, it just hurts to move it.  And unfortunately, knitting appears to aggravate it.  At least it did last time I tried.

I even went so far as to think of other things to occupy my time.  I have now taken up gardening – my efforts at which you can see on my other blog Meand2veg – but   I succumbed to the allure of a cross stitch magazine yesterday.  It had a free kit to make a few Christmas gift tags.  Well, what a load of faff and fiddle.  I’m afraid I’m not taken with it.

But my tour around ravelry has left me yearning for the sticks and string.  I promised my mum a top for Christmas and started it back in May!!  I may get it out this evening and see how I go with it.  Maybe just a few rows at a time??


2 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Aww shame you didn’t like cross stitch. Is the pain in both shoulders – crochet might be an option?

    Good luck with the knitting though – maybe if you knit with a nice smooth loose yarn (not cotton) there might not be a lot of tension in your shoulders…

    • It’s not that I didn’t like it, I just couldn’t find the holes very easily and it took me ages to do one stitch!! I did used to do a bit years ago, I started a sampler for a friend of mine when her baby was born, she is now 14 and never did get that sampler!!

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