Book review: Polar Quest

Polar QuestPolar Quest by Tom Grace

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I chose to read this book as it was suggested that it was similar to Matthew Reilly or James Rollins, both of whom I really like. I’m afraid his wasn’t a patch on them. Several times throughout this book I almost decided to give up on it.
At first it seemed that a character was introduced and about twenty pages later would be killed off. I started to wonder if there would be anyone left by page 50.
There was no real detail to the characters, or the scenes. The main character’s name got on my nerves it was used so often. And for some reason there was a pre-occupation with sexual assault on the female characters which I felt was totally unnecessary.
The premise of the story was ok, but there wasn’t enough motivation for the “baddies” to do what they did.
I’m afraid I won’t be bothering with this author in the future.

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