New socks

After spending the autumn & winter suffering shoulder pain, and now suffering from tennis elbow, I was very tentative about knitting so started with a pair of simple socks.  I didn’t do too many rows at a time, so the socks took me about a month to complete.

They are plain stocking stitch socks with a slip stitch heel flap, on 2.5mm magic loop, using Regia Photo Color sock yarn.  I deliberately tried to match them and I’m happy that they are pretty close, the second sock just caught the beginning of a white stripe.

Knitting these did cause me some discomfort but I really want to get back to my Fireside Cardigan, it has been in the WIP corner for far too long!

Also pictured is a little book written by Mimi who blogs at Eskimimimakes.  I’m really happy for her that she has written and published this book.  I’ll confess I haven’t really looked at it yet so can’t comment but I’m sure it is absolutely fab and very informative.


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