Am I allowed to show sewing on a knitting blog?  Well I have to admit the knitting content has been sorely lacking recently.

I decided I wanted to try some sewing after looking at all the lovely creative things people make and sell on sites like Folksy and Etsy.  Not that I am creative or original enough to sell things – I can follow someone else’s pattern and that’s just about where it stops.  But our couch cushions are looking a bit sad so I thought I’d start with making some new covers.

We took a trip yesterday to the Lady Heyes Centre, which is a collection of little buildings all housing independent artsy and craftsy shops.  I’d discovered there was a shop there called Sew Simple so headed in for some fabric.  After a while I picked out two colours of cotton fabric and some matching sewing thread.  It was quite expensive and looking back it was more of a patchwork material shop, so they were quite fancy cotton fabrics.  Next time I’ll pop to Abakhan I think as they have all kinds of different fabrics, not just posh cotton.

Anyway, this morning I set about making cushion covers.  Two and a half hours later I was very pleased with the ONE cover I had produced!

I didn’t know how to do zips or buttonholes so I did an internal flap thingy like you have on pillowcases, that you tuck the cushion under.  This is the detail of the fabric….

This is a light brown and I also got some in a sagey green.

After lunch I started again and have cut out and tacked all the bits for two more covers.  I’ll sew them together after I’ve taken the dog out in a minute.  I’m pleased at my efforts so far considering I’m a novice sew-er and didn’t use a pattern!!


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