Wednesday WIP: Vegas Sands

Yes I am still working on the Fireside Cardigan but I only have a sleeve cap and the seaming to do so needed something to take to knit group this morning.  I have been meaning to make another Vegas Sands cowl for ages, as I live and die in my other one during the winter.  It is so much better than a flappy scarf.  So I took the yarn and pattern this morning and cast on at Stash, and two hours later I had this much done.

I have also decided on my next project which will be a Paulie cardigan in Drops Alpaca, which I already have in my stash so no yarn purchases necessary.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP: Vegas Sands

  1. Okay, love the yarn, what is it and where can I get this pattern??

    I hope you show the finished results.

    Thank you for always sharing whatever it is you are knitting or reading.

    Margaret (Belle)

  2. I still love them and think that they are the prettiest socks I’ve knitted yet! Thank you so much for all the help with the pattern using circular needles. Do you have to be knitting a long time to figure things like that out, or do you just have to have a more logical brain then mine??

    Looking forward to seeing the finished “Fireside Cardigan” and all of the other things you knit. The yarn looks very familiar, like something I’ve used in the past….maybe when I knitted Herringbone Rib Reversible Scarf in Manos Del Uruguay Colour #113 (Wildflowers)?

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