FO: Vegas Sands cowl 2

I know I have one reader eagerly awaiting the full details of this project so here we go.  First the finished pics

I haven’t blocked the cowl so it is curling a bit.  The bottom edge is just a long tail cast on, and the top edge is a picot bind off. (Click the pics and you might be able to see it better).  So onto the details……..

Pattern: Vegas Sands by Kate Vanover

Yarn: Araucania Toconao Multy shade 845

Needles: 5mm, 60cm circular

I have now started the Paulie cardigan but it wasn’t a great start.  I was using Addi Turbo needles but they were far too blunt for the splitty yarn.  Luckily I discovered I had an Addi Lace needle in the right size and this is much better.  The yarn is very light and a little fluffy so I’ll do a bit more and then decide if I stick with it.  And I still need to sew up the Fireside!!


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