Two hats.

I realised I didn’t post the two hats I made recently.  The first one is a Dean Street  Hat, (link to Ravelry page where the pattern is available for free!) using some of the left over Araucania Toconau from the Fireside Cardigan.  It took less than one skein (89m) on 4mm and 4.5mm needles.

The second one is a slouchy SockHead Hat, (another Ravelry freebie) using some Woolhunter Ewereka Sock Yarn on 3mm needles.  Again less than one skein (280m).

I’m really happy with the way this striped all the way to the top.  I haven’t quite got the hang of how to wear a slouchy hat and I’m not sure if it suits me either.

My current project is my second attempt at Paulie.  I started it with Drops Alpaca but it was too fluffy and also very splitty when I was trying to do the bar increases for the top down raglan.  I ummed and ahhed for a while and then when I was at the Stash knit group yesterday they had some Rowan Cashsoft 4ply in the bargain basket.  So I got 7 balls in the main colour and then paid full price for a couple of balls of the contrast colour so it didn’t work out too bad in the end.  I ripped out what I’d done in the alpaca and got back to the same place again in the cashsoft, and then realised it was getting very wide very quickly.  I’d misread the pattern (both times!) and increased too often, so I have spent a good few hours today tinking back stitch by stitch for 10 rows (of approx 180 sts per row) and am now back on track.  On reflection it would have been quicker just to start again for the third time!!


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