Wednesday WIPs & a knitting related fundraiser

I have a few works in progress in various places around the house but these are my 3 current ones.

Firstly Paulie which hasn’t made a lot of progress since the last picture I posted

Next are the socks.  I’ve finished the first one and just cast on for the second this morning  

And finally I am about to wind the skeins into cakes to start the Annapurna

hat by Louisa Harding  

And this is where the fundraising bit comes in – no apologies for promoting two worthy causes in two recent posts!  Louisa Harding’s husband was diagnosed with Lymphoma last year and she is going to do a trek in Nepal in November to raise money for Macmillan UK cancer charity.  She has written 7 hat patterns which you can download for a voluntary contribution to her fundraising page.  She is going to wear each of the hats on her trek – one each day – with the 7th one actually being knitted en route!  She has released 3 patterns so far and you can find these and all the details you need to make your donation by clicking the following link

Louisa Harding Himalayan Hiking Challenge

Some of our knitting group are going to make some hats and hopefully we can show them off to the lady herself as she is hopefully going to be visiting our LYS before she goes on her trek – Stash Fine Yarns.  I particularly wanted to help the cause as this was the nasty bugger that my lovely husband had 2 years ago – thankfully now fully beaten into submission (the cancer NOT the husband!!!)

So I know it’s a lot to ask in these times, but if you feel you can help (and get some lovely hat patterns to boot!) then click the link above.  Thank you!


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