Name that cowl!!

I am looking for a name for a cowl I have just knit.  I took a stitch pattern and designed the cowl myself.  It’s quite a simple repeat but quite labour intensive.  A very experienced knitter friend of mine, Anne, has proofread the pattern and is happy, and now another lovely friend at knit group, Sarah, is going to test knit it for me in a plain colour.  This is my variegated version in Araucania Nature Wool…….

It may need a bit of adjustment to stop the curling at the bottom.  Hopefully when I have the second version, I can find a “glamorous model” and a semi decent photographer, and get some good images to put on a pattern PDF.  And then I may release it as my first pattern on Ravelry to see if I get any interest.

One problem with that though, I’m useless at thinking up interesting names.  So if anyone would like to take a stab, I’m open to suggestions.  Pleeease!


6 thoughts on “Name that cowl!!

  1. Helloooo 😀

    How about Involution? It means involving, and this looks like an involving kind of knit, and also entangling, which fits with the cabling. And I’ve checked and nothing is similarly named on Ravelry 😀

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