Frustrations of designing

I am thoroughly enjoying designing patterns at the moment.  I now have 3 patterns listed on Ravelry, with a couple more in progress.  All my lovely test knitters have said how much they have enjoyed making the patterns and some of them are going to be making more.

My cowl currently has had 94 unique downloads and is in 29 queues.  My hat has had 9 sales.

BUT…..apart from myself and my test knitters, only ONE person has started making one of them.  I too am guilty of adding projects to my queue and never getting around to knitting them, and I now apologize profusely to the designers of those patterns, because now I know how you feel!

I don’t buy many patterns but those that I do buy I tend to knit straight away because I have shelled out hard earned cash on them.  But I guess sometimes I do wait to find just the right yarn.

I am grateful for all the interest shown so far, and thank you especially to those people who have bought the hat pattern and raised money for Sue’s Kilimanjaro climb for Diabetes UK by doing so.

I’ll shut up now!!


One thought on “Frustrations of designing

  1. I sympathise – I’ve posted a couple of free patterns on Ravelry, and admit that I obsessively checked for a couple of weeks whether anyone was using them! Your designs are lovely, good luck with the next ones.

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