How do YOU knit socks?

I have been knitting socks for about 6 years.  I started off on DPNs, then someone showed me socks on two circulars which I did for a while before teaching myself Magic Loop.  I LOVE Magic Loop, and wouldn’t go back to DPNs for anything.

Snowflake Socks on magic loop

Over the last few years I have ‘converted’ a few of my fellow knitters into sock knitters, even one who described socks as “the devil’s work”!  I don’t bother faffing with the DPNs when I teach, it’s straight to Magic Loop and they all seem to accept it with no arguments.

One of my pupils made a pair of plain socks from my basic pattern.  The following week she arrived at knit group with a pair of fancy lace beaded socks!  I was so proud.  But then she completely caught me out.  For her third pair she had decided to knit Two At A Time!!  On one Magic Loop!!  She said it was a way of eliminating Second Sock Syndrome as she didn’t want to knit the exact same thing twice in a row.

Well I wasn’t going to be outdone.  She gave me the instructions of how to cast on two at a time but to be honest I haven’t really read them properly.  But I wanted to do two at a time.  So I cast on two socks on two separate circulars and after doing three rounds of rib separately, I transferred them onto one long circular.

Colin’s ‘two at a time’ socks on magic loop

So I now have a single sock on one needle and two socks on another needle so that I can compare the two methods.  At the moment I am working top down, on the leg section.  I have no idea what happens at the heel turn!

So far, the single sock feels easier because it is the way I always do it and it is familiar.  If I am waiting for the microwave to ping for my 3 minute porridge I can get a round knit with plenty of time to spare.  One sock is an easily portable project.  And it grows quite fast.  But at the end I will only have one sock and will have to start all over again.

Two at a time just feels like it is taking a lot longer.  There is more pulling through of cables, making sure the two yarns aren’t getting twisted together, and one round seems to take an age.  But when I’m done I’ll be done.  And I don’t have to count rounds so that I do the same on the second sock because they are both growing at the same rate.

So I’ll have to wait and see.  Maybe with more practice TAAT is the way to go.


One thought on “How do YOU knit socks?

  1. I think everyone finds their own favourite way to knit socks. I also teach 2 at a time if people ask, but I prefer to do mine singly, casting on the second after I “turn” the heel of the first. I’m also a strictly toe up knitter! If you need help with your two at a time, check out the 2 at a time sock books by Ann Budd.

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