Some recent finished objects!

Our next door neighbours’ little boy was 2 today and they had a party yesterday.  I decided that I’d knit him a little jumper, after all I could do a kid’s jumper in a couple of days couldn’t I??

All I can say is that I’m glad I started it a few weeks ago.  It took me a lot longer than I thought.  I had to rip back one of the sleeves because it didn’t match the length of the first one.  Then I had to rip back the collar because the short rows looked dreadful.  But finally I produced this cute sweater…..


Pattern : Abernathy Sweater by Terri Kruse

Yarn:  Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big, 4.5 balls which had been in my stash at least 5 years!

Needles: 4mm


Back to the How Do You Knit Socks topic – I have decided that one at a time is for me.  I persevered with the two at a time for a bit but it was taking ages.  The the dog nudged me and I dropped a load of stitches and couldn’t be bothered to pick them up, so I just pulled that sock off the needles and carried on with one.  I have completed one sock of that pair (and almost ran out of yarn as it s a man’s sock!) but I have finished the pair that I started one at a time…..

Pattern: my own basic sock pattern

Needles: 2.5mm circulars, magic loop method

Yarn: Regia Snowflake Colour, shade 07707


A friend of mine asked me to make her a hat for her two year old granddaughter – in pink of course!  I decided to use one of Louisa Harding’s Himalayan Hat patterns and made a donation to her fund.  Her version of Parju is for an adult so I had to scale down and used smaller needles and thinner yarn.  I think it’s pretty cute and a great pattern……..

She didn’t pay me for the hat but made a generous donation to our mutual friend Sue’s fundraising page.  Sue climbed Kilimanjaro at the end of October.  She managed to get about 600 feet from the top before having to admit defeat due to altitude sickness.  But considering she is a Type 1 diabetic and climbed Kili with an insulin pump, she did fantastically well.  And none of her diabetes equipment let her down.  Being the perfectionist, Sue is determined to conquer Kili and has signed up to try again in 2014!!!  I’m sure she’ll do it this time too!


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