FO: Leafy Lace Sock

This is kind of an FO.  I have been test knitting a sock for a Ravelry member and had to complete one sock for the test.  I have completed one sock but I’m not sure if I want to knit the second one at the moment!  So I’m counting it as an FO because I have fulfilled the brief…..




After a couple of teething troubles the pattern was very good, I’m just not sure I like knitting lace patterns, they are just fiddly.  I’d much rather get stuck into a load of cables.  I used some of my stash yarn, Araucania Ranco Solid in this gorgeous red colour.  I love the yarn so it may be that I knit a different sock in the remaining yarn and then decide whether or not to rip this one out for the second sock of that pair.  I’ll post the link to the pattern once it has been published.


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