A trip to York

Just after Christmas I booked a trip to York for two nights.  Little did I know that the biggest snowfall of the year was about to happen on the day we would have been coming back home.  But that is what weather forecasts (when they are right) are for so when we went on Wednesday March 20th it was with one eye on the weather.  By Thursday morning we had decided to forego the 2nd night and come back that afternoon and it was a good job we did because I think we may have been stuck there until Sunday!

I think we managed to fit in the things we wanted to do, having visited the Yorkshire Museum, the Minster and taken the City Sightseeing Bus Tour.  I even managed to find one of the yarn shops, Ramshambles, with its cute window display


The Minster was amazing and we took the guided tour, learning a lot about the various stained windows and the chapter house etc.





The main largest window is being renovated so they have a massive photo of it in the place where it should be.  As each panel is finished they are putting them on display in an area at the back of the Minster so people can see them up close.  This is just one of those panels…..


We arrived around lunchtime on Wednesday and found a very nice little cafe bar called Cafe Concerto which did really good food.  In fact we went back the next day for breakfast.


The old town of York is full of higgledy piggledy streets, with little alleyways going off in all directions like this one which caught my eye


and of course the famous Shambles


and some really old buildings which looked like they were about to fall over!  Colin and I did our bit to keep them upright though….DSC_0202 DSC_0238

And yes I did buy some yarn………

IMG_0997 IMG_0998


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