Book review: Dracula Rekindled

Dracula RekindledDracula Rekindled by Xander Buchan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I kept putting off reading this as you shouldn’t mess with a classic novel such as Dracula. I really wanted to read it, but I didn’t want to read it in case I was disappointed. I needn’t have worried.
This novel is set in two time periods – 7 years after the events in Dracula and also in 2010-2011. The older events are laid out in journals and letters by Abraham van Helsing and his family members, and the modern day events are in emails and texts and Facebook timelines. So it follows a similar format to the original, just updated.
There are quite a few viewpoints to follow, and it can jump about a bit but the story is all building up to Dracula making a reappearance in Scotland after a hundred years of silence. He has slowly been plotting his comeback.
There isn’t too much bloodsucking and murder, it is more suspense and there are some great homages to the original, including a madman in a mental hospital eating flies.
So if you enjoyed Dracula I think you will enjoy this. I’m sure the author’s name is a pseudonym, but you never know!

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